Simmer Sauces and Soups Delicately with a Wolf Gas Cooktop

From a company established as the appliance brand for leading chefs, Wolf has designed a new generation of gas cooktops to deliver delicious results even more every time. Wolf offers the industry’s widest range of gas hob styles. With the new 762mm Transitional Gas Cooktop, a new modern innovation has been designed featuring four dual-stacked, sealed burners in a polished design that will blend seamlessly within your traditional style kitchen.

Professional and home chefs love having control of the hob and they can do just that with a Wolf gas cooktop. The Wolf gas cooktops in particular offers upper flame ports that deliver maximum heat for restaurant-quality sears and faster boils, and lower ports with a light steady flame for delicate simmers and melts.

Why the Wolf Gas Cooktop?

Just looking at one of the Wolf gas cooktop’s can make your heart beat a little faster. They each feature one of the most powerful burner’s Wolf has ever created the 5.3kW burner, which is perfect for cooking those delicate foods. Pasta sauce or chicken stew can simmer for hours without boiling or scorching. They also have the technology- if a flame goes out the cooktop can sense this and reignite it automatically.

The Wolf gas cooktop’s aren’t just functional they look great too. With their new design they can be integrated into any type of cabinetry and blend seamlessly with other Wolf appliances.

With a range of different sizes and the two styles; transitional and professional, there will be one that’s perfect for your kitchen.

The different types of Wolf Gas Cooktops available

762mm Transitional Gas Cooktop

The polished appearance of this cooktop makes it a perfect and natural fit for kitchens with traditional and contemporary elements. Four patented dual-stacked sealed burners make up this cooktop for faster boiling times and gentle simmering of sauces and soups.

762mm Professional Gas Cooktop

The 762mm Professional Gas Cooktop is made up of four dual-stacked, sealed burners, with four signature red knobs that can be black or brushed stainless steel if preferred. Gentle simmering of sauces has never got easier with the cook in complete control.

914mm Transitional Gas Cooktop

The 914mm Transitional Gas Cooktop from Wolf features five dual-stacked, sealed burners in a polished design. The seamless burner pan within this style is constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, and porcelain-coated, cast iron grates to make it easy to slide pots from burner to burner without the need to lift. The controls consist of five brushed stainless control knobs capped in black set against an all-glass panel. This model can boil 25% faster than earlier models, and the stainless steel and black design make it a natural fit for traditional and contemporary style kitchens.

914mm Professional Gas Cooktop

Made of stainless steel, the 914mm Professional Gas Cooktop from Wolf has five signature red control knobs with LED indication lights to make up the professional look and design Wolf is known for. The control knobs can be black or brushed stainless steel if preferred. Laser-etched graphics and porcelain-coated gas iron grates sit tasteful on top; with five dual-stacked burners that give cook greater control over a wide range of heat output.

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