The aim of Wolf is to understand the different needs of different chefs. They believe that the choice should be paramount, which is why there are various elements including electric, gas and induction, plus a few variations of size and design allowing you to build your own custom-made perfect stove. The Wolf induction hob is a must have!

The induction hob is proving to be very popular in today’s market and the one especially from Wolf creates a minimalist design to maintain a perfect streamline amongst your kitchen surfaces as well as all the technology you could ask for and more.

Enhance your passion for cooking

Behind the very smart design, lies a high-performance cooking instrument that delivers control at your fingertips, from a gentle melt to a scorching heat. A “bridge design” powers the hob allowing it to create a single large heating space that’s perfect for any sized saucepan.

What is the “bridge design” technology?

The “bridge design” allows you to join zones together using the touch control panel. For example the hob can be bridged side-to-side, front-to-back and ‘all-bridge’. Meaning the front left zone to the rear left zone, the front left to the front right and ‘all-bridge’ where all 4 zones will be joined together. This is to create a larger cooking space for those awkward and large sized casserole dishes and pans. It is a great feature to have for a budding chef for those entertaining evenings, as you can move the pans back and forth for attention.

Our client opted for luxury and chose this Wolf Induction Hob (ICBCI365T) to complete the design and look of this special Classic Shaker Kitchen. The perfect streamline finish of this amazing technology blends seamlessly amongst the marble effect worktops, and keeps the Victorian style shining throughout.
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Our client below in Hadley Wood opted for the Wolf black glass Induction hob in 914mm width to add to their large open-plan grey kitchen. The sleek black style of this luxury appliance fits perfectly within the light hues of this classic shaker kitchen.

Our client in Hadley Wood

Benefits of an Induction Hob

  • The speed of the heating is immediate
  • Heats up to 50% faster than gas or electric cook-tops
  • You can distribute the heat perfectly
  • Energy is supplied straight to the cooking vessel, so this means a cooler kitchen and hob
  • The surface remains relativity cool, which makes it easier to clean
  • Only the cookware gets hot and not the cooktop – a great safety feature

Induction technology and especially the bridging technology pairs up with any kitchen style where flexibility and performance is required.

For a traditional handmade style kitchen, the induction hob with a “bridge design” is a perfect appliance to add, as it will add functionality, efficiency and a modern design, but will not interfere with the traditional features that stand out in the hub of the home.

Extras that a Wolf Induction Hob has to offer

  • Lock mode- The Wolf Induction Hob will automatically enter lock mode if the hob isn’t doing anything for more than 5 minutes. In lock mode, all controls are disabled and all induction elements are switched off. A glowing light will appear with a key symbol showing that the cooktop is locked. You can unlock the cooktop and lock the appliance yourself with a simple button.
  • Universal Off- You can turn off all elements at the same time, by touching the Universal OFF button.
  • Cooling Fan- A cooling fan is within the cooktop that automatically turns on to cool the internal parts. The fan will then switch off when internal temperatures have been lowered.
  • Hi-Power mode- The Hi-Power mode boosts power on one induction element to enable frying foods and boiling of the water quickly and efficiently.
  • With the framed (transitional) induction hobs from Wolf, the classic stainless steel trim co-ordinates with other transitional Sub-zero and Wolf appliances.
  • The frame-less (contemporary) models go with your contemporary ovens, just black glass here!
  • They are 90-95% energy efficient; this means that no heat is wasted because the energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel.

We are a proud premier dealer of Sub-Zero & Wolf and will help you every step of the way in finding the perfect induction hob for you and your kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you.

Below is the Wolf Transitional Induction hob available to try out in our showroom

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