Customize a Cooktop to your preference with a Wolf Integrated Cooktop

“Your range or oven isn’t the end of your cooking set-up – it’s just the beginning.” – Sub-Zero Wolf

Today’s kitchen is the gathering space and soul of the home, where cooks exercise their creativity on responsive appliance, and guests enjoy the finer things in life. Sub-Zero Wolf has been transforming kitchens and changing lifestyles for seventy years plus, and have added to their range the Integrated Cooktop, perfect for an array of cooking functions.

Why a custom-made Wolf Integrated Cooktop?

Wolf’s integrated cooktops are a great appliance to custom-build yourself, allowing you to combine everything from steaming and chargrilling to teppanyaki and induction, to create a bespoke cooking area in your hub of the home that is to your specification.

Wolf’s integrated cooktops blend seamlessly into a kitchen design. By choosing this appliance you can match with other Sub-Zero Wolf appliances, to create a high performance culinary experience.

With a whole new way to create exactly a cooking set-up that suits you best, you will be able to cook asparagus in the steamer, burgers on the grill and hot Szechuan wings in the fryer.

The different Wolf Integrated Cooktops available

318mm Multi-functional Gas Cooktop

This multi-functional gas cooktop has a burner that focuses on heat in the centre of the wok, and then disperses it outwards for precise cooking control. The low grate designed within fits nicely with any Wolf gas cooktop and can accommodate your largest saucepan. It also features an 8.0kW burner that is perfect for crisp stir fries.

381mm Gas Cooktop

A big performance in a small space. The Wolf gas cooktop module has a patented dual stacked burner design that uses the upper level burner for maximum heat transfer. Added to the mix is the true simmer and melt options that are exclusive to Wolf. It consists of a 3.8kW and a 3.0kW burner that offers power and control in the compact unit allowing precision control. The design allows you to use with multiple cooktops for the ultimate multi-zone cooking experience.

381mm Induction Cooktop

The Wolf Induction Cooktop heats cookware instantly and delivers precise control at both high and low end temperatures, all on a cool, safe cooking surface. It is now offered in two distinct designs that have four different sizing options, including a 91cm model with a unique bridge feature that accommodates for oversized pots and pans.

The classic stainless steel trim that is designed around the unit coordinates with other Sub-zero & Wolf appliances that enable you to pair with Wolf’s range of integrated modules for the perfect multi-zone cooking area.

381mm Transitional Electric Steamer Module

With the Wolf Transition Electric Steam Module, prepare yourself for healthier cooking. Use it to steam cook all manner of foods, as well as using it for proofing bread dough, melting chocolate, and slow cooking roasts, stews and soups.

A large 7.6L capacity sits within with two stackable steel insert pans; one solid and one perforated. There is an optional basket accessory too that has sous vide capabilities to cook the perfect steak or chicken to absolute perfection.

381mm Transitional Grill Module

Within this cooktop lies an electric grill where you can grill steaks and all sorts of foods indoors, without the hassled of lava rocks or briquettes. Two 1400-watt heating elements sit at the back and front, enabling you to cook on one side of the module while keeping other items at serving temperature.

381mm Transitional Induction Teppanyaki

The Wolf teppanyaki module is a new way of cooking delicious, low fat meals. The two versatile independent controlled induction zones allow foods to be quickly seared and gently warmed at the same time, with only a little amount of oil. This Wolf teppanyaki griddle has two 1400 watt induction zones, that can be used at different temperatures, or bridge them together to use the entire surface when you’re cooking for a larger group.

The touch control panel and the induction heat on this allows for quick temperature adjustments and fast preheating.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we love Sub-Zero Wolf products, and we are very proud to be able to offer the wide range to our customers. Contact us to discuss your requirements or to book a showroom appointment to look at our intensive Sub-Zero Wolf showroom. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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