We at the Handmade Kitchen Company by Nicholas Bridger in Bishop’s Stortford are very proud that we are premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. We have 19 fully-functioning Sub-Zero Wolf appliances in the showroom where every one of you can test out for yourself. We also have a Food Vlog where you can catch up with Lucy-Jo and her recent recipes using no other than the Sub-Zero Wolf technology.

Wolf cooking appliances are the ideal finishing touch to your handmade bespoke kitchen. They are robust, made from stainless steel and some are finished in a black gloss for a sleek contemporary look.

These award-winning appliances are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing a professional quality to the home. They set the scene for good food and conversation with friends and family. Sub-Zero Wolf are hugely proud of their industry-leading appliances and we are proud to be a premier dealer of them.

We can and Sub-Zero Wolf can guarantee delicious results delivered every time from these smart appliances full of award-winning technology!

The 10 Cooking Modes of the Wolf M-Series

  • Bake

Bake cooking mode is best for single-rack cooking, and for standard recipes.

  • Roast

The roast cooking mode is best for roasting less tender cuts of meat, that should be covered. For example chuck roast and stewed meat.

  • Broil

Broil cooking mode is best for broiling meats, fish and poultry pieces of up to 25mm thick.

  • Convection Roast

Convection Roast mode gently browns the exterior of the meat and seals in the juices. This is perfect for roasting tender cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and poultry.

  • Convection

Convection mode is a uniformed air movement that makes it possible to multi-level rack cook with even browning.

  • Gourmet

Gourmet mode provides quick and convenient meal preparations with the perfect recommendations for cooking mode and rack position.

  • Proof

Proof mode is ideal for proofing and rising bread dough.

  • Stone

Stone mode allows you to bake on a ceramic stone that is great for pizza and bread.

  • Dehydrate

Dehydrate mode is a great function to dry a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meat strips.

  • Warm

The warm mode is designed to keep foods at serving temperature.

  • Eco

Eco mode is an energy-saving function that is designed for roasting thin cuts of meat and delicate fish. No, preheat required.

The M-Series Glossary

  • Bake stone is a flat cooking surface that is used in baking, made from a porous ceramic material that results in a crispier texture for pizza crusts or bread. This special accessory mimics the effects of cooking a pizza in a brick oven.
  • Blind bake preheats a pie crust without the filling.
  • Braise is a combination cooking method in which the meat is first seared, then finished by cooking in a covered pot with liquid at a lower temperature.
  • Brine is used to soak up chicken, turkey, or other meat in a liquid solution of salt, sugar and water. It enhances the flavour.
  • Caramelise browns foods with a chemical process that occurs during the cooking and can add buttery, nutty, acidic or bitter notes.
  • The convection fan circulates hot air around the appliance to cook the food.
  • Convection oven heats food through the circulation of hot air by one fan or two.
  • The Dual Convection oven cooks food by circulating hot air via two fans.
  • Dual Verticross Convection is an advanced convection system in the Wolf M Series oven which utilises two columnar fans with heating elements to provide more even, consistent heat throughout the oven cavity.
  • Mode is a pre-programmed oven operation that uses specific heating and fan elements to create a customised cooking environment for you and your family for a particular dish.
  • Multi-rack cooking allows you to cook on more than one rack at the same time.
  • Temperature probe that comes with all Wolf M-Series ovens is a small, pointed rod that is attached to a cord and measures the internal temperature of the food. The other end sits inside the oven to alert you when your dish has reached the desired temperature.

 At Nicholas Bridger, our kitchen designs are handbuilt to your desire, all made from solid wood in the perfect kitchen layout that suits your needs. Contact us today with your kitchen ideas – we look forward to hearing from you.