Sub-Zero Wolf are always coming up with innovative ideas to add to the professional kitchen. Professional chefs have been using the vacuum seal drawer for many years and now thanks to Sub-Zero Wolf, you can enjoy the benefits in your very own home with their own version.

This kitchen appliance features a chamber-style drawer which helps deliver more delicious meals to the table and fits seamlessly into any kitchen design, pairing with other Wolf appliances within the range. It removes the air and seals food or liquid products for easy storage, marinating and cooking.

With a discreet and subtle design, the handleless, push-to-open drawer fits in anywhere and the ideal wonderful companion to a handmade kitchen.

You can preserve the freshness of open wine bottles too with the Wolf 600mm wide Vacuum seal drawer. This clever and convenient appliance is ideal for re-sealing and preserving your favourite wines, as well as oils, vinegars and sauces.

It’s a new way of cooking

The Wolf Vacuum Seal Drawer is a low-temperature, vacuum-sealed cooking method that has become popular with chefs over the world with its yielding exquisitely tender, flavour-infused dishes. Be a chef in your own home with one of these.

Pairs perfect with other Wolf appliances

Get excited and expand your cooking repertoire. Many delicious possibilities when you pair this go-to sous vide tool with a Wolf steamer module or convection steam oven.


There are a few various model options for this appliance

  • 600mm Contemporary Black Glass
  • 600mm Stainless Steel
  • 762mm Contemporary Black Glass
  • 762mm Stainless Steel

Contact Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company today for more info on this sleek appliance and how we can fit it into your handmade design – we look forward to hearing from you.