Add to the mix of appliances – a Wolf Toaster

So your kitchen is all finished and the finishing touches are now being put in place, how about adding to your appliances a Wolf high-performance toaster, say goodbye to cold toast.

Sub-Zero Wolf has been making exceptional high-performance appliances for more than 70 years, and now they offer a large selection of high quality kitchenware known as the Wolf Gourmet range. Every product is crafted with the latest technology and made to the highest quality standards that you expect. Wolf excel in engineering; design and creating effortless kitchenware to deliver fantastic products form enthusiastic cooks to busy families, and you will certainly see this in the Wolf toaster.

Why a Wolf toaster?

A Wolf toaster includes many features that you just wouldn’t get from another toaster. With its stainless steel and die-cast construction, this toaster will provide many years of dependable service to you and your hub of the home, and is the reason why this toaster is used in many busy restaurants, catering establishments and hotels throughout the world.

Extra-wide bread slots– The Wolf toaster is designed to fit a variety of bread types, thicknesses and shapes. They are all perfectly toasted every time, and after toasting the bread it is automatically raised to the ideal height for easy access.

Self-centering bread guides– Toast the thinnest pieces in the Wolf toaster with complete confidence. The guides will hold each slice perfectly upright and centered to ensure even browning.

Convenient features– Two-slide out crumbs trays for easy cleaning and bread lifters with quiet operation are some convenient features amongst the Wolf toaster. You can also have complete control over the toast colour, from light to dark and anything in between.

No cold toast– Keep the toast warm with the warm setting for three minutes after toasting is complete. Your bread will be gently warmed at the perfect butter-melting temperature.

Bagel setting– Experience bagels like never before, with a perfectly toasted cut side and a soft edge.

The different Wolf toaster’s available

4 Slice Toaster (Brushed Stainless Knob)

This high performance toaster will have precise, consistent results every time. With its advanced toasting technology, the food will be kept warm until you are ready to enjoy or serve. Its 4 extra-wide bread slots allows you to take full control of the toast-browning spectrum for four slices, from crisp and pale to dark brown with a distinct crunch. A perfect accessory to complement any Wolf cooking appliances.

4 Slice Toaster (Black Knob)

This toaster consists of a stainless steel finish with black knobs that’s full of high-performance toasting results that artisan bread lovers have been craving for years. Four extra-wide bread slots sit within to toast thin slices of seven-grained bread, thick slices of rich and tender brioche and freshly-baked sesame bagels from the local bakery. A perfect accessory to complement Sub-Zero Wolf appliances.

4 Slice Toaster (Red Knob)

With its famous red knobs this 4 slice toaster will be a great accessory to match other Wolf appliances in the hub of the home. This unique toaster delivers delicious results, that Wolf is known for in their products, and your toasted bread will be toasted to your exact preference at the touch of a button. It also includes unique self-centering bread guides that deliver perfectly even results, regardless of the bread type.

2 Slice Toaster (Brushed Stainless Knob)

An extra-wide 2 slice high-performance toaster that gives you precise control on the toast-browning process. The knob on this is stainless steel, and gives you a seamless complement to Wolf’s other cooking appliances.

2 Slice Toaster (Black Knob)

With the 2 slice Wolf Gourmet high-performance toaster, it is a perfect size for a smaller kitchen and will toast your bakery products to your exact preference at the touch of a button. It has a sleek design that will look great in a traditional hub of the home.

2 Slice Toaster (Red Knob)

With its famous red knobs, this 2 slice toaster will be a perfect complement to other Wolf cooking appliances featuring red knobs. Keep your toast warm too with the added toasting technology this toaster has to offer

At Nicholas Bridger we are proud premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf products and we have a fully functioning showroom here in Essex, where you can see many of the Wolf appliances on display. If you would like to know more about the Wolf Toaster range or purchase any of the products listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing for you.