Kitchen Handles as individual as you are.

The Art of the Handle

Last year there was huge demand for linear / handleless cabinetry. But handles never go completely out of fashion.

By combining different handle styles and materials you can give a beautiful and individual look to your dream kitchen.

In our Modern Shaker style designs, trying traditional shape handles in metallic finishes other than traditional silver/stainless steel or match painted is something we’ve suggested to our clients for some time. The look may be extended by matching appliances and objects in the same or complimentary finishes.

For those of you with a more contemporary vision of cabinetry, try spicing it up with ornate handles for added interest and a really different look.

armac martin brass bar handles on blue handmade kitchen

Armac Martin

Armac Martin is a brand of kitchen handles & knobs which are featured in some of the world’s finest kitchens. All products are manufactured in the UK which is a nice finishing touch in-itself.

There is a large array of finishes available to compliment your kitchen and personal taste. All products are produced from solid brass for absolute reliability and longevity with the plating being applied on top.


Some of the finishes featured below are the most popular which include: ACP (Antique Copper Plate Lacquered), ASP (Antique Silver Plate Lacquered), CBP (Chocolate Bronze Lacquered), COP (Polished Copper Plate Lacquered), HBN (Hand Burnished Nickel), NBP (Burnished Nickle Plate), PBL (Polished Brass Lacquered), PCP (Polished Chrome Plate), SAL (Satin Antique Gloss Lacquered).

Armac Martin Handles at Nicholas Bridger – Blog Article 28/02/19

Perrin & Rowe

For a consistent look across your entire kitchen, look no further than Perrin & Rowe. Handles and Knobs in various designs, crucially with finishes to match their range of Kitchen Taps.

Perrin & Rowe was formed in 1978 with its manufacturing facility still based in Rainham, Essex they export their products all around the world.

The brassware produced is second-to-none sitting perfectly within your new handmade kitchen.


There are a range of finishes on offer to compliment the taps, these include: Chrome, Nickel and Pewter (Brushed Nickel). There are special finishes available on request and these are: Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Aged Brass, Gold and English Bronze.

armac martin pull handle on white handmade kitchen

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