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Pantry Cupboards & Walk in Pantries

We have embraced one of the most popular trends for handmade kitchens in the last few years, these are pantry cupboards and walk in pantries – of course hand crafted in our workshop in Essex from the finest raw materials. Our ‘truly bespoke’ approach allows us to design and build your dream pantry to fit the available space and your requirements.

Some of our kitchens feature one or the other or even a combination of different pantries. We outline the differences below and show you some examples.

Pantry Cupboards

Our Pantry cupboards can be stand alone or built within the design and flow of the kitchen. Some of our pantries go full height to the ceiling offering more than ample storage.

You can opt for your pantry to feature a combination of shelves and drawers, making it as flexible as possible.

Walk-in Pantry

With a walk in pantry you gain additional storage and worktop space hidden from view of the main kitchen. The pantry is the perfect place to site your microwave and toaster for example.

All of our bespoke pantries are designed and built the same way as the main kitchen (unless you specify otherwise), so they offer the same feel and sturdy build quality.

Flexible Larder Cupboards

Our bespoke larder cupboards are designed to fit in with the design of your kitchen perfectly, with doors that open perfectly to reveal the ingredients inside, perfect for the discerning chef. The example in the video opposite features our double layer of storage with an internal compartment on the left and right which swing around internally.

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