Seating designed for you & your family

Kitchen Seating Solutions

Our range of seating is designed to compliment your luxury kitchen design direction perfectly. This could be selecting the right stools for your breakfast bar or island, maybe even a place to unwind and read a book.


Dining in the modern kitchen happens not only at the dining table but also at the breakfast bar or island seating areas, like in the picture opposite, you can have quite a spectacular centrepiece in your kitchen which is also highly functional. Imagine a banquette with your family, you need some extra seating space in your open-plan kitchen – use your built in kitchen seating designed by Handmade Kitchen Company.


Seating can be bespoke fitted and handmade such as benches and curved family seating which will feature luxury fabrics and handcrafted in your choice of solid timber either to match the kitchen or an alternative look. We have many clients opting for kitchen booth seating areas carefully designed into the available space and user requirements.

Off-the-shelf Seating

There are a myriad of high level stools and stunning chairs available on the market today. You may wish to source these yourself or choose from one of our preferred suppliers.

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