Wolf Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ ICBOG42 (1067mm)

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Wolf Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ ICBOG42 (1067mm)

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The Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ (ICBOG42) by Wolf is 1067mm in width and makes everything taste better, al fresco style. It gives you the same kind of precision control and an ease-of-use features as its indoor counterparts.

Sculpted in the Wolf’s signature stainless steel, it looks sleek and has four individually contained burners for independent heat control. A powerful 7.3kW infrared sear zone, a two-position rotisserie system, and two main grill burners sit within. Halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface and the classic signature red control knobs are LED lit for easy reading.

This BBQ Grill is perfect for building into your outdoor kitchen or freestanding on a cart.


  • Height- 927mm
  • Width- 1067mm
  • Depth- 762mm
  • Cooking area- 483mm x 762mm
  • Grill Burners (2)- 7.3kW
  • Sear Zone- 7.3kW
  • Rotisserie Burner- 4.7kW

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